Areas of practice

Family law

We have many years of successful experience in resolving disputes related to family law. Legal services in this area include drafting procedural and non-procedural documents, legal advice, representation before courts of all instances and other state and non-state companies, institutions and organisations.

Our legal services related to family law:

Dissolution of the marriage:

  • Dissolution of the marriage by mutual consent of both spouses

  • Dissolution of the marriage through the fault of one of the spouses

  • Dissolution of marriage through the fault of both spouses

  • Dissolution of marriage on the application of one spouse, etc.

Disputes involving minor children:

  • Determining the residence of minor children

  • Ordering/amending maintenance for minor children

  • Determination of the arrangements for communication with the minor child

  • Establishment/alteration of access arrangements with the minor child

  • Confirmation/establishment of paternity, etc.